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Sanity's overrated
United States
First thing's first: My internet access is a little shaky, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few days.

Second thing's also first: I don't have a scanner or anything, so, for the forseeable future, most of my submissions will either be written or things I've made in Spore.

Anyways, you should know that I joke around quite a bit, so if I offend you, it was probably unintentional ^^;

Also, there are several artists around DA that I've been keeping tabs on since before I created my account, and I'm still trying to run through their galleries and add to my favorites list. So, even if I really like your work, it may be a while before I add you to my watchlist, simply because I want to finish what I've started (That, and I prefer to look through a person's gallery before watching them, so until I clear my queue...)

... Can't really think of much else to say, really ^^; I might add more if I can think of anything, but until then... Sayonara! ;)

Here's a list of some of my favorite DA artists (that actually update regularly). Don't know if you'll like them, though, so don't say I didn't warn you!
:icondpragan: :icontlwelker: :iconamaet: :iconheartgear: :iconhipper-reed: :iconjohncolburn: :iconakuoreo:

And now for some artists that are relatively inactive - to be fair, some of them are busy running webcomics - but are still worth checking out (again, I can't guarantee you'll like them as much as I do):
:iconkiarayah: :iconm-haynes-productions: :iconazaleacloud: :iconarconius: :icongoldsickle: :iconsageofotherworlds: :iconsincomics: :iconthebourgyman: :iconlepas: :icondanshive: :iconannie13: :iconlordthawkeye:

And some of the other sites you can find me on:
*The Golden Sun wiki:…

Current Residence: Closer than you think
Favourite genre of music: Slow down, you're going too-
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: Bo-bobo
Personal Quote: There isn't a problem on Earth that can't be solved with a montage.
  • Listening to: "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson
  • Reading: Spoon's "Feel My Rath" stories
  • Watching: No new episodes of my favorite shows *sniff*
  • Playing: Solitaire. You can't beat the classics!
  • Eating: Water
  • Drinking: Bread
Okay, I've been inactive for too long. It's time to make a comeback! (Or at least, that's the plan... ^^;)

First of all, compatibility issues I've complained about in past journals are no longer a problem. I should now be able to upload anything at anytime, within reason. And barring disaster.

Of course, that raises the question of why I haven't posted anything lately. The most honest answer is that I've been kinda lazy ^^; Even if I wasn't, though, I've had a slight case of writer's block while working on The Quest for the Wheat Sword and my one-shot story, "Stand Out." Also, these past few months have been kinda busy (I know, that doesn't excuse my summer laziness ^^;), but I should have some time off over the holiday season, so I hope to get something done...

I still can't quite get myself into the mood to work on my stories, so I'm gonna try posting bios for some new Omnitrix aliens. With any luck, that will get me back into the swing of things. Of course, I can't promise I'll actually get them done in the near future, so to help compel encourage me, here's a sneak preview on the aliens I'm planning out:

*Stormgate - Barring disaster, this guy should be posted mere moments after this journal goes up, so I won't say much about him. All I will say is that he fills a role similar to Ghostfreak and Alien X.

*The Mythos Pentagram - This is actually a group of five mythology-themed aliens. One of them, Stonehide, I posted early to enter in a contest. The rest will work their way out sooner or later...

*LAZI - (Pronounced "lazy eye") I wanted to have an alien like XLR8 and NRG, and this is the best I could come up with ^^; Anyways, he's a sloth-like alien with eye-based powers. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites, so he should be up fairly soon. Just wait and "see" what he can do :boo:

*Flipside - This alien's powers are straightforward enough that I can't tell you much without giving it all away ^^;

*Wingbreaker and Feareaper - Two aliens that are almost completely unrelated. The only thing they have in common is that they were inspired by :iconbinkatong: Binkatong's contest here:… I probably won't actually enter the contest, since we can't choose our own songs, but after hearing about the contest I started getting ideas of my own. Rather than tell you what they can do, though, I'll direct you to the songs they were inspired by and see if you can guess. Wingbreaker:… Feareaper:…

*(Name Pending) - I haven't yet come up with a name for this guy. I'm considering "Micromind", but that sounds too much like a certain movie that came out not too long ago: If you guys come up with a better name, I'm open to suggestions. Oh, but that means I'll have to tell you what he can do, doesn't it. Darn. Well, this alien is loosely based on one of the new Pokemon:…

*Gateway - I knew I was forgetting something! Gateway is loosely based on the game Portal. I haven't actually played it (yet!), but that's mostly because I hadn't known much about the game until recently. I want to postpone Gateway until after I've actually played Portal, but I've read enough about the game online to have a general idea on what I want to do for this one...

Well, I think that's about it for now. Until someday:

~The world's hungriest paperweight

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