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Ben 10 - A Guide to the Galaxy
Milky Way Galaxy
Dominant species: Ensorpand
Primary biome(s): Wasteland; intermittent regions of an uncategorized ecosystem
Custodilith temple: Not confirmed
Description: Gamma-238's sun emits unnaturally high levels of radiation. Although deadly to most species, the life forms native to 238 have adapted to the radiation over the eons. Research on the planet's unique life forms and ecosystem is ongoing, although funding is limited due to 238's highly irradiated nature.
History: Approximately [DATA CORRUPTED] years ago, Gamma-238's sun unleashed the largest burst of radiation recorded. This burst ravaged 238, killing off approximately 90% of all life forms on the planet. It is believed that this apocalypse opened the way for Ensorpands to become the dominant species on 238.
Gluttonos VI
Dominant species: Porbesian
Primary biome(s): Wasteland, intermittent regions of temperate forest
Custodilith temple: Confirmed
Description: Gluttonos is a jovia
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Ben 10 - LAZI
Ultimatrix File #743277
Code Name: LAZI
Species: Psiolax
Home Planet: Verdaan
Reference ID: HP-022
-Psychokinetic energy beams
Ultimate Abilities
-Increased energy
Psiolax are infamous for their incredible laziness: They spend most of their days sleeping, and even when they are awake they don't move much. For Psiolax, though, this laziness is somewhat justified. Psiolax possess potent psychic powers, although these powers drain much of their energy. They developed their lethargic lifestyles to help conserve power for their natural abilities.
A Psiolax's powers are linked to the three eyes on their chest - the eyes on a Psiolax's head have no special abilities - with each eye manifesting a different ability. These eyes are normally kept closed, as the power is always active so long as the eye remains open. When the eyes are open, however, a thin, transparent membrane allows the eye to remain op
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Ben 10 - Stormgate
Ultimatrix File #88049
Code Name: Stormgate
Species: Vastenimbus
Home Planet: None
Reference ID: HP-017
-Limited shapeshifting, including rapid growth/regeneration
-Lacks a solid body
Vastenimbi can best be described as living clouds, which is more accurate than some might think. Most living beings utilize electric signals to transmit messages from their brains throughout their bodies. On extremely rare occasions, the electricity in a thunderstorm manages to create a stable electrical circuit within the cloud. This circuit quickly "evolves" to resemble the neuronal pathways present in the brains of many organisms, granting the storm sentience.
For Vastenimbi, however, the term "sentient" is used as loosely as possible. Most Vastenimbi are little more than clouds capable of controlling their own actions. They do not show any signs of logic or reason, instead simply acting on instinct. For
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Ben 10 - Stonehide
Ultimatrix File #1204618
Code Name: Stonehide
Species: Petrinobi
Home Planet: Gargulon
Reference ID: HP-018
-Venom that induces temporary petrification
Ultimate Abilities
-Permanent self-petrification
-Enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes
A race born for hunting, Petrinobis possess tough hides and sharp claws, not to mention incredibly fast reflexes. Their wings, obviously, allow them to fly. A Petrinobi's greatest assets, though, are its endurance and patience: they are able to stalk their prey for days on end with minimal sleep and no food or water.
Petrinobis are infamous for their venom, secreted through the claws and fangs, which is able to turn organic and some synthetic material into stone. Thankfully, the effects of the poison aren't permanent, with the actual duration varying based on the target's constitution. Also, when the poison wears off, the target returns to its previous condition, as if they hadn't been infected to begin with. Obvious
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Ken 10 - Atomix - HP's ver by HungryPaperweight Ken 10 - Atomix - HP's ver :iconhungrypaperweight:HungryPaperweight 3 40 Ken 10 - Toepick - HP's ver by HungryPaperweight Ken 10 - Toepick - HP's ver :iconhungrypaperweight:HungryPaperweight 3 5 Ken 10 - Sandbox - HP's ver by HungryPaperweight Ken 10 - Sandbox - HP's ver :iconhungrypaperweight:HungryPaperweight 4 3 Ken 10 - Snakepit - HP's ver by HungryPaperweight Ken 10 - Snakepit - HP's ver :iconhungrypaperweight:HungryPaperweight 5 21 Ken 10 - Shellhead - HP's ver by HungryPaperweight Ken 10 - Shellhead - HP's ver :iconhungrypaperweight:HungryPaperweight 3 13
Ben 10 - Sumo Swiner
Ultimatrix File #752734
Code Name: Sumo Swiner
Species: Porbesian
Home Planet: Gluttonos VI
Reference ID: HP-013
-Extremely massive
-Steel-hard teeth
-Ludicrous appetite
Ultimate Abilities
-Greatly enhanced strength
-Gaseous emissions become toxic
Porbesians are perpetually hungry and, due partly to teeth can sheer through most metals, are known to eat just about anything. And in very large quantities, at that; even Gourmands are shocked by how much a single Porbesian can eat. Porbesians have long since eaten all plant life on Gluttonos I through V, and Gluttonos VI is on the verge of becoming yet another wasteland. Many Porbesians "solve" this problem by traveling the galaxy, much to everyone else's chagrin. Their tolerance of even the unhealthiest of "foods" make Porbesians among the few species willing to spend an extended time on Vulpin.
Their constant feasting make Porbesians incredibly large and heavy, although most of their bulk comes from fatty tissue.
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Ben 10 - Paintbomb
Ultimatrix File #769428
Code Name: Paintbomb
Species: Pigmalette (six Pigmaspheres)
Home Planet: Pigmachrome
Reference ID: HP-012
-Paint-like secretions
-Concussive blasts
-Separating into individual Pigmaspheres
Ultimate Abilities
-High-pressure streams
-Localized explosions
-Animated paintings
-Hardened threads
A Pigmasphere's body consists primarily of fibrous, thread-like strands, typically clumped together, and special glands that produce a paint-like substance. To protect their frail body, Pigmaspheres use their paint to create a spherical shell, although they leave openings in their shells so they can use their thread clumps as limbs.
Pigmaspheres are a colonial species, typically traveling in groups called Pigmalettes. A Pigmalette is formed when individual Pigmaspheres intertwine their threads, forming a collective consciousness. Of course, a Pigmasphere must remain connected to the rest of the Pigmalette to remain a part of the hive mind.
Most Pigmale
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Ben 10 - Pepsqueak
Ultimatrix File #88046
Code Name: Pepsqueak
Species: Hyperodion
Home Planet: Kinet
Reference ID: HP-011
-Super speed
-Entering tight spaces
-Generating static electricity
-Consuming electricity
Ultimate Abilities
-Further enhanced speed
-Low-level electrokinesis
Hyperodions closely resemble an Earth-based species, mice. Hyperodions have lived on Kinet for millennia, but have only recently been discovered to be sentient.
Having evolved on the same planet, Hyperodions have many of the same abilities as Kinecelerans. Primarily, Hyperodions are capable of running up to 200 mph. Unlike Kinecelerans, though, Hyperodions have a hard time controlling their accelerated nervous system. As a result, they rarely sit still and have a very short attention span.
Hyperodions tend to experience buildups of static electricity, and have been known to give off electrical discharges without warning. Due to their small size, however, these discharges are usually very weak
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Stand Out preview
Thursday, May 6, 8:17 PM
I was just sitting on my bed, trying to draw, while my little sister ran back and forth throughout the house. She was causing quite a commotion, but I didn't really care what she was up to until she came into my bedroom. "Hey, Shinji, have you seen Neko-chan?"
Well, at least she wasn't trying to get me to play dress-up again. I looked over in the corner of my room and, sure enough, my sister's cat (don't ask me why she thought "Neko-chan" was a good name for a cat) was sleeping in my wastebasket, his head barely visible above all the wadded-up balls of paper.
I pointed her towards the wastebasket. "The kitty king is sitting on his throne, of course," I joked. For some reason, Midori's cat - Midori is my sister's name, by the way - loved playing with my old drawings. In fact, no matter where he went to sleep, that cat always seemed to have a paper ball in his paws.
Midori hefted her cat out of my wastebasket, spilling some of the papers on the floo
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Q4WS 2 preview
A cool breeze blew into Contigo from the north, serving as a nice reprieve from the arid heat of the summer. A tuft of Sheba's blonde hair fluttered in front of her face, which she quickly brushed away. The young wind Adept sat on the edge of one of the short plateaus the city was built on, stretching her legs out to feel the wind against her legs. Sheba leaned over and cushioned her head on Felix's shoulder. Felix, in turn, raised his arm behind Sheba's back and pulled her closer.
Sheba, known as "the child of the gods" in Lalivero, looked at her companion and sighed. "It's a beautiful day, isn't it?" Felix just nodded, keeping his gazed fixed on the not-quite-setting sun. "You know, it wouldn't hurt you to actually talk every once in a while." Felix shook his head, and Sheba's brow furrowed. "Oh, come on! Why not?"
Felix looked at the Laliveran and said, "..."
Sheba pushed him away, giggling. "Cut it out! You know that's not what I meant." Sighing again, Sheba looked out at the sunse
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Ben 10 - Canvas by HungryPaperweight Ben 10 - Canvas :iconhungrypaperweight:HungryPaperweight 9 4 Ben 10 - The Brick by HungryPaperweight Ben 10 - The Brick :iconhungrypaperweight:HungryPaperweight 8 8


How Many Pageviews Now? by Chicken-Yuki How Many Pageviews Now? :iconchicken-yuki:Chicken-Yuki 8 2 El Goonish Holiday 2010 by DanShive El Goonish Holiday 2010 :icondanshive:DanShive 353 107 The natural course of things by TheBourgyman The natural course of things :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 348 115
Adventures in Babysitting-Rath
Rath was sitting on the sofa in some stranger's living room. Dollies, trucks, and some other toy type objects flying over the tiger's head. Some with great aim, others just smacked into nearby walls.
Twitching his eyes and shaking from his surprisingly controlled anger, and from all the screaming and screeching, not to mention the toys that suddenly grew wings, it was any wonder, that the tiger hadn't lost control hours ago.
What wasn't surprising though, was that this was all Kevin Levin's fault. He had fixed Rath up on this job, knowing full well, that the tiger had neither the patience, nor his own self control.
Rath promised to kill the boy later.
Eventually, the little monster's of the house hold got the tiger to finally crack.
Rath stands up from the sofa, grabbing each kid, one by one, by their legs. Making them hang from him upside down. He didn't have too much trouble rounding them up. There were only two.
:iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 9 16
Tickle Fight by Rindiny Tickle Fight :iconrindiny:Rindiny 113 87
Pickled-Odd Jobs-A Rath Story
Rath was leaning on the door way of Kevin's garage, waiting for the ex-con to get back from doing… Well, what ever Kevin Levin does in his free time. As he was waiting, and just out of pure boredom, he figured he'd keep himself occupied by balancing a pencil on his nose. With Rath, it was a, simple mind, simple pleasures kind of thing. But seriously, how hard could balancing a pencil on your nose be?
If it were possible to startle such a creature as Rath, the raven haired boy witnessed it first hand today. The tiger was doing pretty well balancing the yellow piece of wood on his nose, until Kevin stepped in.
"Hey, Tennyson."
And what of the pencil? Well, it just landed directly in Rath's eye.
Kevin grins at the large alien. But the older teen had always found Rath somewhat entertaining. It didn't even matter if the tiger tried hard or not. Stupidity just came natural to Rath.
Kevin leans in a bit closer to Rath's face.
:iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 8 14
Team Benlie and Ship by SpoonfulofLead Team Benlie and Ship :iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 37 43
Kevin Levin loved to play dumb. But only when the situation called for it, or if it benefited him in a certain way.
So when Ben asked him one rainy and boring afternoon, if he had ever played the, 'quote- unquote', most awstomest, and not to mention the bestest card game in the world, black jack, the older boy simply replied 'no'.
......Kevin, also was a professional liar.
So here were the boys sitting at the kitchen table. Ben was trying to teach Kevin how to play- 21.
"Ok, Kevin. This game is really simple. All you have to do, is lay two cards down. One facing up, the other facing down. The point of the game is, who ever reaches 21 or close to it is the winner. But don't go over 21, or let the other player see the card facing down, until we flip them over. Got it?"
Kevin puts on his best fake learning face he could possibly muster up, without giving away his true intentions.
"Sounds simple enough. So, are we gonna just sit here and yak all day? Or are we gonna actually play this
:iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 7 20
One Wedding-Part 5
Gwen and Julie left the boy's to their own demise. Knowing full well that they had to go shopping to find tuxes for the love birds upcoming event. Gwen couldn't help but laugh to herself. Visualizing Kevin 'shopping' was a pretty comical thought. Ben, though, wasn't as comical. She just had a good feeling that her cousin would keep Kevin's attitude in check. If Kevin didn't kill him first.
"Oh god."
Julie heard the breathless words that lingered slowly out of the red head's mouth. Showing much concern for her panic ridden friend.
"What? What's the matter?"
"I just realized something. What if Ben, your husband I might add, doesn't make it out of 'Tuxedo Palace' alive'."
The asian girl looked confused. "You mean, if Kevin's at his whits end, that he might strangle Ben?" She giggles lightly.
"That's exactly what I mean, Julie. I mean, Kevin can be ok with Ben most of the time, but mixed with the shopping and Joshua all at the same time?" Gwen spins around on her heel
:iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 9 25
Pan-Dimensional  Interface by DPRagan Pan-Dimensional Interface :icondpragan:DPRagan 64 90
Fishing Trip-Feel My Rath
Don't own it, don't own it, don't own it…. Yeah… Oh, and one more thing…
I- don't- own- it….
"I don't see why were doing this."
Gwen was a little aggravated when she stepped out of her boyfriends car. The guys had once again, chose the activity for the day, while she wanted to just go to the beach instead.
Guys could be so boring at times….
"Cheer up, Gwen. Fishin' is totally relaxing. Besides. You didn't have to come you know. You could've just stayed home."
Kevin grins at the girl, and heads toward the lake. Rath of course was not far behind. The tiger took a step over to his cousin. He at least wanted to cheer the sad, sad little girl up. Isn't that what cousins were there for?
Ya know, for support?
Gwen casually rolls her eyes at the feline, and sighs. Here we go again…
:iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 11 32
The Doughnut-Feel My Rath
Rath was sitting in the kitchen. His parents were out running their own personal errands, and it was the weekend, so the tiger had the house all to himself for once. Of course, sometimes, even the good things in life come to an end at some point.
"Hey, Tennyson."
Rath didn't acknowledge Kevin at all, he didn't even get upset at the boy for barging into his house this time. The feline just sat there, staring, appearing to be deep in thought at the familiar powdered sugar breakfast treat.
Kevin rolls his eyes, and continues to walk closer to the tiger. He wanted to know what simple minded thing had Rath lost in thought this time.
He snaps his fingers in front of the big cat's face.
The feline still stares at his beloved breakfast, not moving his eyes from it, as though at any second, it would grow legs and walk off .
Kevin eventually lets out a frustrated sigh.
"Ya know, if you think too hard about that doughnut, Tennyson, the chances of your head exploding a
:iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 11 22
OC - devlider by dragonfire53511 OC - devlider :icondragonfire53511:dragonfire53511 4 6 Concept Art - Ward and Acolyte by HeartGear Concept Art - Ward and Acolyte :iconheartgear:HeartGear 29 11
The Nut-Feel My Rath Series
It was a another beautiful day in Bellwood. The sun was shining, and not a cloud in sight. The weather, was just unbelievably perfect. So, Gwen decided that today, was the best time to check out the Zoo. It had been a while since the red head had been there, so why not make a day of it? She was ecstatic to go.
That is, except for Kevin. To him, it was a complete waste of his time.
"I don't see why we have to be here. This whole zoo thing, is so lame."
Gwen sighed out of frustration with her boyfriend. She wished, that just once, he wouldn't complain on such things.
"Because, I wanted to come. And besides, it's not all that bad. Quit being such a baby."
Rath just rolled his glowing green eyes. He was tired of their bickering. If he was forced to join them, he wanted to try and enjoy it himself.
Gwen and Kevin turn towards the tiger. Gwen had the face of, 'if looks could kill', and Kevin, well, Kevin just wanted
:iconspoonfuloflead:SpoonfulofLead 7 20




Sanity's overrated
United States
First thing's first: My internet access is a little shaky, so don't be surprised if you don't hear from me for a few days.

Second thing's also first: I don't have a scanner or anything, so, for the forseeable future, most of my submissions will either be written or things I've made in Spore.

Anyways, you should know that I joke around quite a bit, so if I offend you, it was probably unintentional ^^;

Also, there are several artists around DA that I've been keeping tabs on since before I created my account, and I'm still trying to run through their galleries and add to my favorites list. So, even if I really like your work, it may be a while before I add you to my watchlist, simply because I want to finish what I've started (That, and I prefer to look through a person's gallery before watching them, so until I clear my queue...)

... Can't really think of much else to say, really ^^; I might add more if I can think of anything, but until then... Sayonara! ;)

Here's a list of some of my favorite DA artists (that actually update regularly). Don't know if you'll like them, though, so don't say I didn't warn you!
:icondpragan: :icontlwelker: :iconamaet: :iconheartgear: :iconhipper-reed: :iconjohncolburn: :iconakuoreo:

And now for some artists that are relatively inactive - to be fair, some of them are busy running webcomics - but are still worth checking out (again, I can't guarantee you'll like them as much as I do):
:iconkiarayah: :iconm-haynes-productions: :iconazaleacloud: :iconarconius: :icongoldsickle: :iconsageofotherworlds: :iconsincomics: :iconthebourgyman: :iconlepas: :icondanshive: :iconannie13: :iconlordthawkeye:

And some of the other sites you can find me on:
*The Golden Sun wiki:…

Current Residence: Closer than you think
Favourite genre of music: Slow down, you're going too-
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Human
Favourite cartoon character: Bo-bobo
Personal Quote: There isn't a problem on Earth that can't be solved with a montage.
  • Listening to: "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson
  • Reading: Spoon's "Feel My Rath" stories
  • Watching: No new episodes of my favorite shows *sniff*
  • Playing: Solitaire. You can't beat the classics!
  • Eating: Water
  • Drinking: Bread
Okay, I've been inactive for too long. It's time to make a comeback! (Or at least, that's the plan... ^^;)

First of all, compatibility issues I've complained about in past journals are no longer a problem. I should now be able to upload anything at anytime, within reason. And barring disaster.

Of course, that raises the question of why I haven't posted anything lately. The most honest answer is that I've been kinda lazy ^^; Even if I wasn't, though, I've had a slight case of writer's block while working on The Quest for the Wheat Sword and my one-shot story, "Stand Out." Also, these past few months have been kinda busy (I know, that doesn't excuse my summer laziness ^^;), but I should have some time off over the holiday season, so I hope to get something done...

I still can't quite get myself into the mood to work on my stories, so I'm gonna try posting bios for some new Omnitrix aliens. With any luck, that will get me back into the swing of things. Of course, I can't promise I'll actually get them done in the near future, so to help compel encourage me, here's a sneak preview on the aliens I'm planning out:

*Stormgate - Barring disaster, this guy should be posted mere moments after this journal goes up, so I won't say much about him. All I will say is that he fills a role similar to Ghostfreak and Alien X.

*The Mythos Pentagram - This is actually a group of five mythology-themed aliens. One of them, Stonehide, I posted early to enter in a contest. The rest will work their way out sooner or later...

*LAZI - (Pronounced "lazy eye") I wanted to have an alien like XLR8 and NRG, and this is the best I could come up with ^^; Anyways, he's a sloth-like alien with eye-based powers. He's quickly becoming one of my favorites, so he should be up fairly soon. Just wait and "see" what he can do :boo:

*Flipside - This alien's powers are straightforward enough that I can't tell you much without giving it all away ^^;

*Wingbreaker and Feareaper - Two aliens that are almost completely unrelated. The only thing they have in common is that they were inspired by :iconbinkatong: Binkatong's contest here:… I probably won't actually enter the contest, since we can't choose our own songs, but after hearing about the contest I started getting ideas of my own. Rather than tell you what they can do, though, I'll direct you to the songs they were inspired by and see if you can guess. Wingbreaker:… Feareaper:…

*(Name Pending) - I haven't yet come up with a name for this guy. I'm considering "Micromind", but that sounds too much like a certain movie that came out not too long ago: If you guys come up with a better name, I'm open to suggestions. Oh, but that means I'll have to tell you what he can do, doesn't it. Darn. Well, this alien is loosely based on one of the new Pokemon:…

*Gateway - I knew I was forgetting something! Gateway is loosely based on the game Portal. I haven't actually played it (yet!), but that's mostly because I hadn't known much about the game until recently. I want to postpone Gateway until after I've actually played Portal, but I've read enough about the game online to have a general idea on what I want to do for this one...

Well, I think that's about it for now. Until someday:

~The world's hungriest paperweight


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